Rock Toronto’s dance floor with Sono DJ

Most of our team had their start in nightlife, rocking the dance floors around the world for the last 15 years. Whether you are seeking an underground or mainstream vibe or a warm-up or headlining set, we can be a great fit for your guests at your venue or a special event.

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The Nightlife – This is where our professional DJ’s have the opportunity to display their skills for thousands of people. Only a select few have the ability to perform in Toronto, Ontario at exclusive venues. Sono DJ’s team is talented enough to be able to experience the rush of playing your own music for people to dance and socialize too.  Sono DJ’s are able to provide a unique experience that other Toronto DJ service are not able to provide.

An event cannot be great without a professional DJ service. Sono DJ’s are willing to enhance a regular event into a night to remember without a selection of music. The nightlife is able to bring people together for music and socializing with peers. With over 20 years of experience, Sono DJ’s have the capability to entertain people for hours with our playlist of unresistible dance music. Get ready to dance all night to your favourite music with Sono DJ’s.