Life as a Toronto DJ

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Life as a Toronto DJ


The most common assumption that I usually get as a Toronto DJ is that “it must be easy running a professional DJ service.” I can see why that can be assumed but the honest answer is that it is not all fun and games like some would think.

As the owner of Sono DJs for over 20 years, I can confidently say that it is not “easy.” There is more to being a DJ than just showing up to an event, playing the music, and leaving to the next gig.

Some things to consider are:

  1. Clients

I often get daily emails and phone calls about inquiries for an event. Once I am told of an event, I have to ask several base questions such as:

Who is the event for?

What is the event exactly?

Where and when is it being held?

Once I get all that information, I have to come up with a fair quote that is suitable for both the client and myself. After the quote has been agreed upon, I have to brainstorm a unique playlist for the event. The playlist is curated based off of multiple factors in order to ensure that it is a good fit for the event.


  1. Brainstorming

I would say that brainstorming the playlist is one of the most difficult responsibilities of my job. There are many things to consider such as:

  • How long the event will be (then add 30 to 60 minutes depending upon the size of the event). I do this because events often end later than anticipated.
  • The location and venue. I often adjust my list based on the event itself. For example, playing music suited for nightlife/clubbing at a corporate party would not be ideal.
  • The demographic. The people that are attending the event is important when deciding what genre of music that Sono DJs should play. An example of this would be that for a younger crowd, I would most likely play the current top hits.
  1. Performing

Being at the event is my favourite part, but it also can be the most stressful. I consider myself a very organized and professional DJ, but sometimes there are factors I cannot predict or prevent. Being able to adapt to these conditions can be difficult, but Sono DJs have over 20 years of experience and are accustomed to dealing with any unpredictable changes.

With that being said, offering DJ services in the Greater Toronto Area does have its challenges, but it is rewarding when done correctly. Life as a Professional DJ does have its benefits and disadvantages, but I love what I do. In fact, I love it so much that I’ve been nicknamed as “The Toronto Disk Jockey”.

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