Five Reasons to have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

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Five Reasons to have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Excitement all around for the big day! You are just getting over the adrenaline rush of your engagement when you realize you need to plan for your wedding. Now it’s time for making the long checklist of who you want on your guest list, where the wedding will take place, and how the entire ambiance will be.

As you go over the options and exhausting lists, there are also the latest trends to consider. Photo Booth for wedding needs to be one of the top items in your checklist.

How popular are photo booths?

World over, you can see that there is an increasing interest and demand for photo booths for weddings and other corporate occasions. In 2016, close to 226,600 Google searches were made every month on“photo booth”. Studies also show that there was a 45% increase in the number of times the keyword “photo booth” was used in searches in 2016 as compared to the previous years.

Every fifteen minutes, someone tweets about a photo booth for wedding on Twitter, while Instagram is flooded with two million posts on photo booths for wedding!

Apart from being trendy, here are some more reasons why you should consider a photo booth for your wedding day as a great option.

Reason 1: Make great memories

Photo booth for wedding and other occasions are a great way to make and keep memories that last a lifetime. Photographs can be preserved digitally for long periods of time, which means you can relive the days and special moments of your wedding with your children and grandchildren!

Reason 2: A keepsake

When you plan a photo booth for the wedding, you are also ensuring your guests get a valuable keepsake that brings back precious memories for them every time they look at it. In today’s digital world where all pictures and selfies are on the smartphones, getting an actual hard copy of the photograph is exciting and unique. Print and frame the photograph in a beautiful frame that can become a valuable keepsake for years to come!

Reason 3: It’s fun and engaging

Sometimes, guests experience those moments when they have nothing to do while waiting around for the bride and groom to get dressed and arrive. Photo booths for wedding are a great idea to keep the guests engaged in a fun way. They can have loads of fun posing together with family and friends!

Reason 4: Children love photographs

If you have invited children, photo booths for weddings are the ideal option to keep the little ones happily engrossed in posing and posting photographs. Make sure you have some interesting props and costumes for them to pose in! The children can also be photoshopped with their favorite cartoon characters like Pokémon or with sports teams.

Reason 5: Unique experience

There is a wide range of photo booths to choose from at different price ranges that suit all budgets. The options can be digital, classic, color or black and white. Automated booths are also highly popular. Photo booths can offer unique experiences with GIFs, slow motion and booths featuring high speed winds that blow on the face!

Photo booths that can include animated or moving photography are also great options. Movebooths offer interactive ways to take interesting selfies.

Guests can have unique experiences with the “green screen” concept as well by appearing in front of any fun background they wish. Face morphing is another great way to add fun to the whole experience of photo booth for wedding.

Hassle-free way of entertaining

Great affordability and convenience are the other two major benefits of using a photo booth for wedding. It does not have to cost a bomb to hire a photo booth given the wide range of options to choose from. There is also no need for setting aside huge space for the photo booth at the wedding.

Renting a photo booth can take care of one major task of keeping the guests entertained during the wedding. There are many companies that offer bundled DJ services with the photo booth for wedding

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