Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions we get asked from clients planning a special event such as a wedding in Toronto.


We are fluent in Russian language and are able to provide MC and DJ services for many types of Russian weddings or other events. In addition, Sono DJs works with many Toronto based Russian speaking entertainers and MCs and can offer their services at an additional cost. We are also experienced with wedding traditions and music of many other cultures and carry large ethnic playlists for Italian, Greek, Persian, Indian, Jewish and Turkish music.


Depending on the requirements of the set up, the DJ will usually arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour before the start time of the event. If the music is not required until after the guests have arrived at the venue, SONO DJs will make every attempt to set up and test everything beforehand as to not disrupt the guests during the evening. In this case we ask you to notify us as soon as possible so we can make necessary arrangements.


Absolutely… While we’ve noticed most of the bigger companies with multiple contractors will shy away from face to face meetings as it takes additional time, we will be happy to set up a personal meeting with our potential future clients. We find it greatly enhances the rapport and relationship between both parties and helps eliminate any potential surprises down the road. The meetings usually last about two hours and can be set up in our office or a mutually agreed upon public space.


To help you with the planning stages of your event, Sono DJs offers following complimentary services:

  • Consultation either by phone or in person to help you with selecting music playlists, add-ons and any other details.
  • Access to our music planning tools
  • Set-up and tear-down of all the equipment on your event date

Should the DJ drink or accept alcoholic beverages from guests?

Absolutely not. With high-detail and intensive functions such as weddings, it is absolutely necessary to be at your sharpest for the duration of the evening. We will politely decline any drink offers from your guests and request only water or non alcoholic drinks to be served.

What is the clothing attire of the DJ?

We strive for the understated yet professional appearance. Our wedding DJ attire consist of a dark suit and light shirt to create a professional yet relaxed image.  The goal at most wedding events is to blend into background and never take the spotlight away from you.

I don’t want the music at my wedding to be traditional wedding music. Can you do that?

Absolutely. We are not bound by any traditional wedding stereotypes and welcome your creativity and originality. We are never rigid with our music selection and we don’t re-use any routines or have any pre recorded sets.

Will the DJ take music requests from guests?

We always welcome music requests from your guests and will determine the best time to play them based on the current vibe and atmosphere of the dance floor and genre and the tempo of the request. If it fits the current mood of the dance floor we can play the requested music right away and if it does not we will try our best to fit it in at a later time. More emphasis will be put on music requests coming from the bride or the groom and other event organizers in which they will usually be played immediately.

Why is it important for your DJ to use pro grade, industry standard DJ Equipment?

One of the main objectives at Sono DJs Company is our presentation. We incorporate elegance and professionalism into every aspect of our business with the quality and look of our DJ equipment playing a big role.

Are we able to see you perform at any of your events prior to booking you?

Depending on the event. While it would be fine to see us at any of our public nightlife events throughout the city, private events such as weddings would be off limits for any additional guests. We also hope that our positive testimonials and referrals from many satisfied customers will provide you with an additional peace of mind.

How involved are you with music planning?

A big benefit of hiring professional DJ services is that it can aid you with the needed expertise for planning and selecting your music. Whether you are deciding on the songs for your wedding ceremony or organizing a themed event, you can rely on the suggestions drawn from our many years of experience and decide what works best for you specifically. Alternatively if you would like to leave this process to us completely, we are also perfectly comfortable setting up most, if not all of the music playlists ourselves. And if for some reason the musical direction we have agreed on is not having the desired effect at your event, our DJs are more than capable of analyzing the atmosphere and flow of the dance floor and make any necessary adjustments on the fly.

How big is your music collection and will it cater to everyone at the event?

Our music collection spans for many generations and incorporates many genres. With about 60000 tracks on hand, we have everything from 40’s Ballroom to current Top 40 with specialized playlists for Euro, Electro Swing and Deep House genres just to name a few. We source our songs from legal sources such as various DJ only record pools which ensures our library is constantly updated with the current newest releases and exclusive re-edits and remixes of popular songs from the past. Additionally, this ensures our tracks are in the highest possible audio format as Youtube and Soundcloud rips can severely impact the audio quality on your dance floors and greatly accelerate ear fatigue.

What geographical areas do you serve?

We are located in downtown Toronto and extend our immediate service coverage to 60 KM radius which includes Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Richmond Hill and Vaughn. You can also hire our DJs for the rest of Canada as well as international events such as destination weddings for an additional fee.

What’s the average cost or price for a Toronto Wedding DJ?

The average cost for a professional Wedding DJ Service in Toronto ranges from $800 to $1500. The final price will depend on a number of factors such as day of the week, season of the year and lastly the duration of the event and any additional equipment or services required. Sono DJs offers competitive pricing with high level of service and flexibility allowing us to work with many budgets. Our wedding DJ entertainment packages start at $900 and basic DJ services at $400.

Do I need a professional Master of Ceremonies or MC for my event?

That is up to you… If you would like to add more hype and increase guest participation for your event along with having someone that helps direct the flow of the evening, hiring a professional Master of Ceremonies (MC) might be a good idea. Sono DJs Services work with various Toronto MCs and can make recommendations to suit your specific preferences. Otherwise, Sono DJs is more than capable of taking care of your basic announcements, like introducing your bridal party and directing the general flow of the evening. We will never rely on cheesy lines and performances to hype up your event and instead use a more understated and professional approach when using the microphone.

What are some of the additional ways your DJ can bring value to your functions?

Some of the best DJs will strive to provide much more value than just playing music, especially at multifaceted events such as weddings. An experienced DJ will also take on a form of event planner, coordinating the activities between different vendors and making sure the evening is running smoothly. Whether its ensuring your bridal party entrance is in correct order, the photographer is ready for that big moment or announcing any last minute changes, you can rely on our wedding DJ to provide that extra layer of organization for your night.