How to have a successful DJ service

How to have a successful DJ service

Over the years of owning Sono DJs within the Greater Toronto Area, I have noticed some characteristics that good professional DJs have. I’m constantly striving to identify my weaknesses and to improve on them daily.

Here are some of the characteristics that I think comes with being a successful DJ and DJ service:

  1. Dedication

Regardless of what the current situation may be, never get derailed of your overall goal. Once you are committed, stick with it until you are satisfied with the result.

“You will never win if you decide not to show up to the game.”Sono DJ’s


  1. The ability to adapt

Throughout a career as a DJ, it is inevitable that there will be several obstacles. Some of them, you will not be able to overcome. The solution to this is to adapt to those obstacles. The ability to adapt to different environments and situations is a valuable skill in the music industry.


  1. Confidence

The objective as a Professional DJ is to entertain the groups of people at the event. Often, this consists of hundreds to thousands of people listening to your music playlist. This can put a lot of pressure on the DJ, but self-confidence is the factor that will help you succeed in this moment. Offering DJ services in Toronto can be tough; confidence is essential.


  1. Resiliency

Recovering from a mistake has a greater effect than the mistake itself. It does not matter how large the mistake is, as long as you recover quickly and efficiently and learn from it. Resiliency, especially in the face of a mistake, is what might make or break a Toronto DJ.


  1. Innovation

Being innovative will help yourself stand out from the competition. Examples of this would be trying new music, events, styles, equipment or anything that can differ yourself from the competition. Here is a tip: try something new every time you perform.


  1. Charisma

Being a DJ requires you to have great social skills to interact with clients and guests at events. You want to have an adaptable personality that is suited for the event that you are performing at. For some events, welcoming and friendly would be good. For others, being vague and relaxed is best. Personally, I always try to be welcoming and confident with everyone because I find that being yourself is usually a guaranteed success


Let me know of any other characteristic of a successful DJ in the comments.

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